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We all want healthy hair, no matter what length it is, am I right? Well, to get there, you must first take care of your hair. This not only includes daily or weekly maintenance, but it also includes protecting your hair -- whether it be from the sun, chlorine or cold weather. Today, we’re giving you 20 healthy hair habits for 2020.

  1. Wash your hair bi-weekly
  2. Deep condition at least once a month
  3. Try a twist or braid out!
  4. Instead of wearing a blow-dried style, leave the heat and wear your natural curls
  5. Use your flatiron sparingly
  6. Implement scarves into your hair routine -- it’s a great protective style, and it’s cute!
  7. If you’re looking to grow your hair out, try a protective style (braids, twists,  weaves, etc.)
  8. Invest in a good wig! Lustro Hair has great wigs at affordable prices; we also have bundle deals if you’re interested in making your own!
  9. Sleep with a silk scarf or silk bonnet at night to protect your hair. Or, at least make sure your pillows are silk!
  10. Use heat protectant spray before applying any type of heat to your hair
  11. Wear a swim cap or take protective measures when swimming (Swim caps are best, but you can also put your hair in a high bun, or braids
  12. Crochet! This would also be considered part of the “protective style” category, these are usually short-term hairstyles that are quicker than your traditional box braids or senegalese twists
  13. Find your go to products for your twist outs: try the “LCO” method (liquid, cream, oil)
  14. Learn how to braid, if that’s not already in your toolbox -- we’re not coming for you, sis! We promise. Even if it’s not a “cornrow” or scalp braid, you gotta’ start somewhere, right?
  15. Look up new styles to try. I understand, it gets boring wearing the same style all the time -- you gotta know when to switch it up! Try looking on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest for ideas!
  16. For my short-haired ladies, try finger waves, a fade, mohawk or just a cute lil’ fro!
  17. Bantu Knots -- all around fashionable, and they make for a great “twist out” when it’s time to undo them!
  18. Keep your hair hydrated. Especially for Black hair, we tend to need a lot more moisture than the average person. So, get those oils, creams and leave-in conditioners ready!
  19. Drink lots of water -- believe it or not, water is important for all aspects of your body, including your hair
  20. Always keep ponytail holders, bobby pins. Filigree clips, crocodile clips and rubber/elastic bands in your hair box. Though they’re easy to lose, they’re an essential staple for Black hair.

Be sure to implement these healthy hair habits, and share with a friend for accountability!

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