A Higher Quality of Hair: Lustro Hair Debuts Brand and Product Line of All-Natural Human Hair Extensions, Weaves and Wigs | Lustro Hair: 100% Virgin & Remy Hair Extensions

In addition to transparent pricing, our sustainable brand boasts 100% Virgin and Remy hair products guaranteed not to shed or fade.

DALLAS, Sept. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Lustro Hair, a brand new supplier of 100% Virgin and Remy hair products, has debuted its inaugural product line of all-natural human hair extensions, waves and wigs. Unique in the industry, Lustro promises both ethical sourcing and transparent pricing, on top of its guaranteed high-quality product standards.

Lustro Hair: Buy it. Feel it. Love it.

With dozens of real Brazilian hair products, in a wide variety of styles and textures, Lustro enters the market at a time when consumers at-large encounter sub-standard hair products often sold at premium prices. What makes Lustro different (and better)? 

  • Transparency. Lustro customers can see the real cost—and source—of every bundle of hair, from procurement to production to transportation
  • Quality. Lustro maintains the highest standards in design, procurement, production, quality assurance, customer service, and more—guaranteed.
  • Integrity. Unlike the sub-standard products or chemical fibers passed off as real hair, Lustro sells only genuine, all-natural human hair that is superior to and longer-lasting than, any bundle of cheap, fake hair.

"At Lustro, we believe that technology can enhance value, not at the sake of style," Dr. Lucas Lu, founder and C.E.O. of Lustro Hair, said. "As an e-commerce veteran, personally I've seen a lot of products that are falsely advertised or simply don't live up to product claims, leaving buyers in the lurch. We've spent years perfecting sourcing and development to deliver a product and customer experience that can't be rivaled."

Lustro's Remy Hair is harvested carefully so that hair cuticles are bundled in one direction, root to tip, ensuring durability and longevity of the hair. Virgin hair comes from a single donor in raw form, without chemical process—no bleaching, coloring or perming.

Lustro promises:

  • 100% Virgin or Remy Hair, the highest-quality human hair
  • The only brand on the market with transparent pricing
  • The only brand to guarantee its hair products neither will shed nor fade (once dyed), and is easy to perm — or your money back
  • 150% lace weaving density compared to similar products available today
  • A superior level of customer service

"After 16 years in the business, I've gotten my hands on the good—and mostly bad—in both real and synthetic hair," Ruthie Thom, owner and operator of the Houston salon, Ruthie's Little Imperfections, said. "I believe in good products: the quality of the products, the longevity of the products, and the integrity of the products. All of Lustro's wigs are amazing. Not only are they so well-crafted—you can see the craftsmanship and attention to detail, inside and out—but the density of the hair shaft and hair ends, too, is out of this world."

Used with paraben-free, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, which extend the life of the hair, Lustro Hair is assured not to shed or break. To view products or learn more about Lustro Hair, where transparency comes naturally, visit lustrohair.com.

About Lustro Hair 
At Lustro, we strive to enhance the natural beauty of our customers, a beauty that is uniquely their own—and theirs to celebrate. We seek out only the finest in natural, human hair products, enabling them to preserve and enhance their individual styles. We believe that style and technology go hand in hand. Our top-of-the-line wigs, weaves and extensions are both comfortably and fashionably wearable. In an industry known for products that lack integrity, we aim for quality, consistency and transparency, across the board—every time. Find your style today at lustrohair.com

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