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This year has flown by, hasn’t it? Throughout the year, we’ve seen hair trends sneak up on us — from recreating looks, repurposing hair pins, and making use of...colored scrunchies?! Let’s hear it for five winter hair trends that have gotten our attention, notably hair accessories you may want to get your hands on (before they’re out of stock—or season!).


  • Hair Clips

  • A popular accessory that is also a no-brainer, hair clips are en vogue once again. Better yet, they can be creatively customized to your own personal taste/style, which makes them even more fun!

  • Filigree Cuffs

  • Most commonly found on box braids and faux locs, these have made their way to natural hairstyles, too. Hair looking a little plain and in need of a jazz up? Add some filigree cuffs! Want to add some color to your look? Look no further than filigree cuffs. 

  • Beads

  • Remember when you were a little girl and you would get your hair done with braids and beads? Do we have a twist on this hairstyle: braids going back, one braid on each end of your hair, starting from the back, flowing to the front, with beads to compliment. Cute, classy, creative. 

  • Headwraps

  • From the beginning of time, Black women have been using headwraps as a means of self-expression, hair protection and as a cover-up for a bad hair day. Let’s face it: they’re versatile, fetching, comfy and timeless.

  • Headscarves

  • The child of headwraps. Don’t feel like slaying your edges, or maybe they just weren’t cooperating? Perhaps you want to pull your puff forward while showing off a unique design, or to compliment your curls. Whatever the reason, there’s a headscarf style for you!

    Whatever the occasion, whatever your style, we have plenty of ways to accessorize! Head to our Instagram page to check out more stunning accessory ideas.

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