Blog: 'Hair To': Remove Itchiness While Wearing a Sew-In

If you’ve ever worn a weave, there usually comes a time when you’re digging in between your braids using anything you can find: your fingers, a rattail comb, maybe even a pen or pencil. What if you could prevent this altogether? Let’s show you a few simple steps to relieving itchiness while wearing your hair extensions.


  • Be sure your hair is oiled or greased down. A great product to relieve itchiness is Sulphur 8, a medicated grease used to treat itchiness. This is perfect for braids, especially since they likely will be in for a while. 


  • Let’s say your hair is itchy to the point where it feels dirty. A great solution is simply to wash your Lustro Hair extensions. For that tingly peppermint feel, we recommend using Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap

  • An easy way to temporarily relieve itchiness when you have a sew-in is to use a good leave-in conditioner. Sometimes, your hair is irritated, causing it to be hotter than usual. Using a cold or room temperature leave-in (cream) conditioner and gently rub through your scalp with the product. A reputable leave-in conditioner to try is Cantu’s Leave-In Conditioning Cream (should we link to this?)

When applying these products, make sure you are gentle with your tresses. Essentially, it should feel as if you’re giving yourself a head massage. After installation, do your best to apply products underneath your wefts. This way, the product engages with your scalp, and can relieve the itchiness.

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