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By Thanksgiving evening, you likely have made your plate for the umpteenth time and probably are thinking about how to work off all of those calories the next day ⁠— not to mention which stores to hit or what to add to your cart for extra savings come morning. Today, let’s count down the dozen or so tips and tricks to make the most of your Black Friday (and, in certain cases, Cyber Monday) shopping!

Smart Shopping = Smart Savings: 

  1. Create a (max) budget
  2. Make a list of items you want...and the stores you want to buy these items from
  3. Do a Google search to find out the best prices of⁠—and deals on⁠—the items you want
  4. Make sure that you actually are getting a discount! 
  5. Write down all of the coupon codes for the items/of the stores that you are interested in
  6. If shopping in store, be sure to get there early as lines are likely to be long
  7. Map out a shopping route so that you can maximize your time/efficiency
  8. *If you can avoid shopping in store, you’ll maximize your time*
  9. When shopping online, make sure to double check your shipping information
  10. Using a laptop or desktop computer will make shopping online easier/more efficient than your cell phone
  11. Bring a friend or family member to keep you accountable (and keep you company)
  12. Don’t forget to bring your shopping list with you!

What are the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Good Housekeeping has a bunch of them for you.

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