Christmastime Looks | Lustro Hair: 100% Virgin & Remy Extensions

Christmastime is upon us, so today we’re going to share with you a bevy of cute, comfy outfit ideas to dazzle your family and friends with. Let’s get right to it.

First look you’ll love:

Imagine sitting in a living room, with the christmas tree lit, music playing and fireplace blazing. You’re wearing your white and red striped onesie and your white fuzzy socks, which are oh so comfortable. You quickly head to the restroom to do one last hair check before christmas pictures are taken. In the mirror, you see your 28” hand-tied extensions flowing from your hair, the natural brown color shining in the light. This bone straight look is accompanied by light baby hairs for the picture-perfect look. 

Second look you’ll love:

As previously mentioned, long hair is in for the holidays. Who doesn’t like to wear pajamas, too, especially christmas-themed ones? For this look, envision that you’re on vacation, back home with the family. You’re in a white onesie, decorated with candy canes. You tilt your head to the left a little, and your braids flop over to the side. While this adds the perfect touch to your crown, be carefulthese easily could hurt somebody!

Third look you’ll love:

This one’s for my naturals! Grace the holiday party with an afro, single puff, or one puff on each side. You’ll steal the scene easily in that eloquent gold sequin dress and hair that speaks for itself. Don’t forget so add simple accessoriesyou don't need much, as heads already will be turning. Make sure your hair is moisturized, as you won’t want it to catch a winter cold.

Those are all of the looks that we have for you today, folks! Consider our winter accessories ideas to jazz up your look throughout the se

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