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Alright ladies, it’s about that time we discuss those edges! It’s summer, and the heat is on and poppin’! But, what will actually keep those edges down? We;;, today we’re here to let you know. I’m sure there have been a few that you’ve tried, and we hope to give you some that are tried and true, so stay tuned!

  1. EBIN

Like most edge controls, Ebin has various hold levels, ranging from a light hold to an extreme hold. Since Ebin is a thicker edge control, it works great for thicker hair, and the stronger the hold, the longer the hold.

EBIN Edge Control


  1. Design Essentials

This brand has been around for awhile, and rightfully so! From the smell to its thick consistency, Design Essentials has been a go-to for hair stylists and clients all over. In addition, Design Essentials is Black-Owned!

Design Essentials Edge Control

  1. Edge Booster

From their vibrant packaging to their rise in popularity, Edge Booster has been one of the fastest growing edge controls to have in your hair box. Edge Booster also has different container colors, which indicate the strength. So, choose the one that best applies to your hair, and let us know how it works for you!

Edge Booster Edge Control

  1. Let’s JAM! 

An old gem. Let’s JAM! Or “JAM” for short is a holy-grail. Not only can it be used to slick down your edges, it can also be used to slick back your hair in its entirety! JAM also has multiple hold levels, and an amazing smell, too!

Let's JAM - Mega Hold

  1. Murray’s Edgewax

Ahhh, and lastly, Murray’s. Usually, this brand comes in a white form, so it works best if you have lighter hair. It has a very thick consistency, and a little goes a long way! Many pair this with a bit of water to ensure it molds well.

Murray's Edgewax

Let us know if you try or have previously tried these in the comments below! In the meantime, checkout our other blogs, here.

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