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It’s Thanksgiving already?! Yet again, you may be wondering what to wear while hanging with your family (or friends) all day. I mean, come on. Aren’t you thankful today that you can switch your hair to any length, color or style, all within a matter of minutes? Below you’ll find our list of the top three styles to maintain your status as the Beyoncé of the family.

Style #1: Remember That Auburn Wig From This Fall?

The last day of November, when it comes to style, counts as the last day of fall. So whip out that auburn wig and let’s get to styling! You can do an elegant style with a side part and curls, or a simple style, such as a bone-straight look with a middle part. The choice is yours, honey.

Style #2: Who Says You Can’t Slay With A Natural, Bone Straight Look?

If done correctly, this one is sure to have you all giving thanks. Oh, and one thing: make sure your straight wig is long (subjective, due to your height), but...the longer the better. As we get closer to winter, long hair is definitely in. Want to jazz it up at bit? Throw in some hair pins

Style #3: A Classic: Box Braids!

Now, this one may be a little difficult, given that most people don’t have a box braid wig. However, learning how to box braid your own hair is an essential skill. What’s really nice about this style is that it lasts for at least a month (or two, with proper care and touch-ups) and it’s a protective style—i.e. you won’t have to worry about damaging your natural hair. So check out this YouTube tutorial for the ins (and outs) of how to do your own box braids.


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