Hair Spotlight -- Lustro Straight | Lustro Hair: 100% Virgin & Remy Hair Extensions

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Hair Who?”    

Lustro Hair’s Straight, machine-weft, 100% remy hair bundles!”

“Can you tell me more? I’d like to hear about them!”


You’ve got it! Today, we’re giving you the all-inclusive details on our machine-weft, straight bundles. We’ll tell you how much they cost, different styles you can create with them and why you should purchase today! (Model is not wearing Lustro Hair)

Our Lustro Straight (9A) bundles weigh 100 grams, and come in Natural Black (#1B) and Blonde (#613). For our 10A bundles, they weigh 120 grams. What’s so great about our bundles, you ask? Whether you order 9A or 10A, you are sure to receive quality hair. With your Lustro Straight, the bundles are silky, yet not shiny. They flawlessly mimic the shine of your natural hair, when lightly moisturized. 

Since straight hair is one of the foundational styles for hair extensions, there are many ways you can manipulate the hair in order to change up your style. Use a wand to add curls to your hair or a crimping iron to add crimps to your everyday style. If you want to do something other than a bone-straight look, you can do a half up-half down style, low or high ponytail or a bun. Below, we’ll give you some examples of these hairstyles so that you can try them out!


Wand Curls                Crimps                   Half Up-Half Down                 High Ponytail

Starting at just $78, our Lustro Straight bundles are competitive in both price and quality -- and you don’t have to sacrifice either one! In addition, we have bundle deals you can’t beat, starting at $188 for three bundles. If you are located in Dallas or relatively close by, you can have your hair delivered to you (for free!) within one hour! Who can beat that? Don’t worry, we’ll wait. With proper care, your Lustro Straight bundles can last up to two years or more. So, if you start with getting sew-ins with your Lustro Straight Bundles, you can take it out, wash it and reuse it, and even make a wig out of it. This will not only save you time, but it’ll also save you money! (Models are not wearing Lustro Hair).

Ready to get in on the amazing hair extensions that we have to offer? Start your order here for your Lustro Straight bundles! 

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