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As we move toward summer and begin to change up our hairstyles, we’re taking the time to honor natural hairstyles, since they so quickly get swept under the rug with protective styles. So, let’s get into today’s looks!

  • Afro

  • A classic. Not only does an afro defy gravity, it also shows strength. In addition, afros are versatile; they can be ‘picked’ out, curly, coily and even wavy. One of the most famous icons who has stayed true to hers is Angela Davis -- a pioneer in political activism and scholarship. 

  • Twist Out

  • Also therapeutic, twisting natural hair has been around for ages, and continues to be a popular style today. While most people put their twists in and leave them overnight to dry, then take them out (hence, ‘twists out’), the style can also be worn in twist form.

  • Braid Out:

  • Similar to a twist out, a braid out is exactly what its name implies. Braid outs have the same formation as twist outs: detangling your hair, braiding your hair using moisturizers (water, oils, leave-in conditioners, mousse, etc.), letting it dry, taking out the braids the next day.

  • Bantu Knots: 

  • A long-term style that keeps heads turning and history running! Bantu knots are typically worn in ‘knot’ form, rather than them being unraveled the next day. However, you can do both. Many have taken to accessorizing them with filigree clips and other hair jewelry to accessorize the look.

  • Puff

  • One of our favorites. A puff is typically slicked back into a ‘puff’ on the top of your head. It can be kinky, curly, coily, blow dried, brushed out, etc. The options are endless! An all-time go-to look!

    Which hairstyle are you going to choose next? Let us know in the comments below! Also, follow us on Instagram, we’ll be going live at 11:00 am CST. Meet us there!

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