How To Maintain Color-Treated Hair: Tips & Tricks For The One Who Loves BOLD Color | Lustro Hair: 100% Virgin & Remy Hair Extensions

Every now and then, many of us get an itch for some color. If it’s not in our wardrobes, it’ll definitely be in our hair. Today, we’re giving you some tips and tricks on how to maintain your color-treated hair, so keep reading!

  1. Make sure you have shampoo and conditioner that’s made specifically for color-treated hair. This will ensure your hair retains nutrients and gets the most out of every wash and condition. Using regular shampoo can damage your hair, and make the color fade, if you’re not careful
  • If you aren’t comfortable with coloring your own hair, see a certified, professional stylist! There are a plethora of not-so-successful stories from individuals who have dyed their own hair because it was convenient, cheaper, or because DIY. However, if you’ve never done it before, anad are afraid you may ruin your hair, take it to a stylist. Ain’t no shame!

  • Keep it hydrated. Whether your hair has been color-treated or not, we know hydration is important in any hair care routine. But, when your hair has been color-treated, it naturally loses a little integrity and texture, so hydration is key to allowing your hair to look its best! This can be achieved with oils, hairspray, heat-protecting spray, and even dry shampoos.

    1. If you want to keep your color looking fresh, be sure to get a touch up regularly. Now, this is of course completely up to you, but if you don’t like the natural root color that appears when your hair is months overgrown, schedule an appointment with your stylist after getting your color-treatment, that way, you’ll already have your plan in-tact!

  • Invest in Lustro Hair extensions, so that you can dye your hair multiple times with various colors! With Lustro Hair, you can dye your hair extensions time and time again, with different colors. Express yourself through your hair by choosing the highest quality hair extensions to dye and fall in love with, even after years of wearing!

  • Ready to get some color? Purchase some of our high quality, virgin and remy hair extensions today! We recommend trying our Blonde (#613) bundles to get started!

    Images from Ruthie’s Little Imperfections, our Lustro Distributor in Houston, Tx. 

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