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Hey sis! It’s about that time to discuss another topic on hair protection: how to protect your hair when swimming! As the months go on, and the weather gets warmer, we’re likely going to want to get in some water. However, with the current circumstance, we know that some of us aren’t able to do so. For that reason, we’re going to prepare you for when the pools open back up -- so you can slay your swimsuit and protect your hair!

  • Classic Swim Cap:

  • They’ve been around for ages, yet not too many of us seem to use them. However, their tight placement on your head allows water to fall right off your cap, rather than seep in. This cap is best worn with hair that is flat, or tightly braided, so that the cap can cover the head in its entirety. Get yours here!

    White Africa Swimma Cap

  • High Bun:

  • We all know about this one, and what’s great is that it works on both natural hair and hair extensions. The higher the bun, the better. Though this style doesn’t protect your hair from getting wet, not as much chlorine will touch it, since it is higher on your head. Also, the tighter wound the bun is, the better -- this way, the exposure decreases. 

    Natural Hair Bun
  • High Ponytail:

  • As with a high bun, a high ponytail serves the same purpose. Of course, the difference is that the ponytail will likely hang a little lower than the bun, it still allows you to keep your hair out of the way. For further protection, you can also tie a head scarf around your hair, so that the chlorine isn’t able to get into it.

    Rihanna with a high ponytail


    Though you are able to get your Lustro Bundles and Wigs wet, doing so frequently can cause your hair extensions to lose luster and lack in its natural shine. Do so carefully!

    Lustro Hair Models

    Since Lustro Hair is 100% Remy hair, you can get it wet, and it will still be great quality. Though it won’t necessarily go right back to the same texture when you bought it (anything but Kinky Curly), after washing and hair maintenance, it should go back to its original texture. Get your great quality hair today, for 20% off!

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