Installing Clip-Ins: A Lustro 'Hair To' | Let’s Get Clipped-In! | Lustro Hair: 100% Virgin & Remy Hair Extensions

Today, hair lovers across the world have resorted to finding quick, efficient ways to style their own hair. Most no longer have to make an appointment with a stylist and sit in a chair for hours just to get the look they desire. Now, installing your own hair extensions is as easy as 1-2-3! Join us as we outline how you can put in your own clip-in extensions. (What are they? Check out our previous post all about clip-ins!) 

Materials needed:

  • Lustro Hair clip-ins of your choice 
  • Rattail comb (to part hair)
  • Brush (to smooth out your hair as you go)
  • Ponytail holder or clip (to keep your hair up)
  • Elastic rubber bands (optional—for a stronger hold)

Step-by-step installation process: 

  1. Leave out about 1" x 2" of hair at the top of your head; this will serve as the hair that covers up your wefts when you get to the top of your head
  2. Starting from the bottom of your head, part about 1" of your hair from the left to the right side of your head; use a ponytail holder or clip to keep the rest of your hair up
  3. For a stronger hold, part hair in square-shaped sections and secure with an elastic rubber band
  4. Take the longest clip-in piece and open it by pressing on the ends of the clips
  5. Attach the clips by cinching them to your hair, above the elastic band
  6. Secure the clips by pressing on the ends, snapping them closed — you will know they are secured once you hear and feel them snapping closed
  7. To ensure a seamless blend between your natural hair and the clip-ins, be sure to brush between each weft once installed; this allows for a smooth transition and creates a seamless look — if you have straight clip-ins, you also may want to pass a flatiron though your hair
  8. Repeat steps 3-6 with the smaller wefts going toward the top and sides of your head 
  9. Grab the small piece of hair that you left out from the first step (remember that?) and blend it with the clip-ins
  10. Use oil, if needed, to blend the hair and be sure to cover the wefts fully to create a truly undetectable look

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