Making Your ‘Wiggy’ Look a Little More ‘Jiggy’: A Lustro ‘Hair To’ | Lustro Hair’s 100% Virgin & Remy Extensions

We all have seen those wigs that look like they’ve been plopped on top of someone’s head. But nobody actually strives for that look. In fact, learning how to place a wig on your head properly is a skill, and if you’re an avid wig wearer, allow us to help you make the most out of your new Lustro wig!


First thing’s first: Before attaching any wig to your head, make sure your hair is braided down, as flat as it can be. The foundation of your hair is key to a “natural” look. Heads up: you’ll need to form fit the wig to your head (however it’s most comfortable) and lay your baby hair.                                                    

Next, cut the lace off your wig in a jagged motion, so that it looks more natural. Then, this by flip the wig inside out so the lace is showing. For a quick fix, take the foundation you use for your face and apply it to the front of the lace. If you are in a rush, use powder foundation, as it’ll dry quicker.


Now, flip the wig back to its original state, and form fit it onto your hair. After fitting, part it in the style you want (i.e. side or middle). After parting, use mousse to make the hair lie flat on both sides, then tie a headscarf around it to ensure it’s flat.


Finally, take the same foundation you used for the lace (or a similar shade of eyeshadow or concealer) and an eyeshadow brush. Apply the product to your part, so that it appears natural against your scalp.


One final note: You can take a hot comb or curling rod to flatten out the top areas of your part, and voilà! The end result for you is (hopefully) a natural-looking wig.


Interested in hairstyling at home? Check out our other ‘hair tos’ for more DIY tips.

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