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Hey ladies! As spring is in full effect, and summer is quickly approaching, we know you’re likely ready to switch up your hairstyle. Well good news for you, sis! We are now offering more colors for you to choose from! Stay tuned to see what colors we are adding to our luxury bundle collection.

Before, we were offering only Natural Black (#1B) and Blonde (#613). We realized that our customers love experimenting with color, so we decided to add some more natural tones that would compliment your skin tone. In addition, all bundles are able to dye, so if you’re looking for a more bold color, like the neons, we recommend trying our #613 bundles and dyeing them.

New Colors: 

We have eight new colors coming to you, and they’re all pretty natural tones, for the most seamless blend!

Darkest Brown (#2) - Dark Brown is a common color, as it is the most natural color closest to Natural Black. As the name implies, it is dark brown; this color works perfectly for those who prefer traditional installs, rather than closure or frontal installs. 

Dark Brown (#4): For those whose hair color is a bit lighter than #2, we will also be offering #4, or Dark Brown as well. 

Medium Brown (#6): Perfect for the girl who wants a lighter color, but still wants to keep it pretty natural. This color has gold-like undertones that allow it to have a more natural appeal.

Dark Blonde (#8): Have a little fun with our dark blonde! Did we mention how easy it is to get highlights by mixing colors? Just another perk of our new color bundles!

Honey Blonde (#12): Try this hair color to bring out that glowing skin of yours! Whether you rock it straight, curly or wavy, it’s sure to give you some flavor, honey!

Medium Blonde (#16): This is a popular color, which is also quite unique. Imagine if #613 and #12 merged; it would create #16! This color has hints of grey and purple while still maintaining its blonde color. 

What else is new? Lashes, lashes, LASHES!

We will also be offering lashes, up to 25mm! We will have six different lash styles to choose from, starting at only $10! In addition, we will also have lash deals so you can get the benefit of several different lash styles at an affordable price! 

If you’re ready to switch up your hair color, or add a pair of lashes to your cart for beauty and volume, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Lustro Hair to cash out on our new releases!

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