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While many of us are spending more time in our homes, there isn’t much of a need to style our hair every single day, unless of course you’re meeting with your co-workers on video call. Although you may not need to get done up as if you’re stepping out on the scene, it is important to still maintain your natural hair. Today, we’re giving you five trending hair tools and products that have hit the market just in time to try out while you’re in quarantine!

Bucket of “Stray” Hair

While we’re in quarantine, we’re of course not able to go and get our hair done, so now’s a good time to practice! What is a “Bucket of Stray Hair,” you ask? It is simply a bucket, drawer, or some sort of area you keep all your extra hair extensions in. In particular, most buckets contain some sort of kanekalon hair, marley hair and/or crochet hair extensions. This comes in hand when the hair stores are closed, or if you don’t have enough hair for a particular appointment. Whip out your stray hair bucket and get to work with a hair tutorial from and learn how to make your very own Crochet Wig! Not only is this long-lasting, but you can manipulate it in many different ways to fit your style! Be sure to also check out their hair growth oils!

EZ Detangling Brush

You’ve probably seen this on Instagram or another one of your social media feeds while scrolling -- it’s the EZ Detangling brush, specifically made for kinkier hair textures. What’s Interesting is that it acts like more of a comb than a brush, or rather a comb-brush combo, which does double the work in half the time. For our 4c babes, this one’s a product to keep your eye on, especially if you’re spending ample time in the detangling stage. Remember, always start detangling from the ends of your hair and work your way up!

Creatif Color Club Color Wax

In  recent weeks, we’ve seen celebrities like LeToya Luckett and Rasheeda show the girls how to quickly dye their hair at home with a few easy steps. All it takes is patience, gloves and colored hair wax. Artist and actress, Mrs. Walker (a.k.a. LeToya Luckett) has taken the initiative to go bold with colors blue and green, which gained a lot of positive attention, as she showcased the results of her short cut with color. On the flip side, Rasheeda also showed us how the product looks on long, curly hair. Both of these ladies showed us that the color wax is a great option, no matter what length your hair is; if you’re looking for a quick, yet bold hair change, color wax is the way to go!

Brush Flat Iron

Now here’s one we’ve been wanting to try out ourselves, but haven’t yet gotten the opportunity to. More than wanting to test it out, (we really want to know if it works for, well… ummm, kinky hair). My hair, specifically, is super thick and long, and at times it’s a bit hair to manage. However, I also find that when I flat iron my hair, it doesn’t get bone straight (though that may be due to my flat iron, I'm not sure). If this product works well enough to get my hair bone-straight, then take all my coins, sis! Sidenote: where exactly does the heat come from? If you’ve tried this product, let us know by sending us a review to our email!

Kaleidoscope Hair Products

If you know, you know. CEO and Founder Jessica DuPart, a.k.a. “Darealbbjudy” has created a hair care product line, Kaleidoscope, for men, women and kids to nourish their natural hair. We’re excited about this because she’s a Black business woman from New Orleans, paving the way for other beauty moguls in the making. This line includes, but is not limited to her specialty, Miracle drops, leave-in conditioner, beard oils and moisturizers. In addition to her physical products, she also goes on tour to speak to entrepreneurs and the general public about how to mold yourself into the industry of entrepreneurship, as well as the important steps you must take even before you want to start your own business. Check out her Instagram page, @darealbbjudy to keep up with her latest drops!

Now that you've gotten a chance to hear about some of the new products on the block, be sure to check them out and let us know what different hairstyles you’ve created with them. Happy styling!

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