New Year’s Hair Resolution | Lustro Hair: 100% Virgin & Remy Extensions

Resolution #1: Keep your natural hair protected

When wearing extensions, it is of utmost importance that you keep your hair protected. What do we mean by protection? This means not only wrapping your hair with silk at night, but also moisturizing your natural hair with oils daily, washing it frequently and detangling it as often.

Resolution #2: Find a good comb and brush

On top of protecting your hair, you’ll need adequate tools to allow you to achieve the perfect look. High-quality hair tools are not necessarily the most expensive; in fact, you can find a good comb and brush combo for as little as $10. Just make sure that you invest in a good paddle brush, as they work best for hair extensions.

Resolution #3: Use a “holy grail” moisturizer

Among them: Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) and Cantu’s Leave-In Conditionerthese are some of our favorites. The point of it all is to keep your hair moisturized underneath your extensions. Not doing so can cause breakage, not to mention dry and brittle hair or even hair loss. So, ladies, take care of that hair!

Resolution #4: Develop a hair care routine (see above)

Whether it be a step-by-step process that can be done both at night and during the day, or a simple, once-a-day routine, your hair will thank you for it. Protecting, brushing and moisturizing the hair can be the backbone of your routine. Remember, brush (or comb) your hair from end to root. Then apply your moisturizer thoroughly, all over your head. (Note: If you have a braided sew-in, be sure to get underneath your braids.) While this doesn’t need to happen everyday, at least three times a week is key. Last but not least, secure your hair with a silk scarf, bonnet or pillow. If using just a silk pillow, be mindful that it may provide only limited protection.

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