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When ordering hair extensions, it is always useful to know how the hair will look, once installed. One way to do so is by checking out the pictures. Whereas the model won’t be yourself nine times out of ten, you can still get a glimpse of the hairstyle. On the other hand, some people just want something that’ll blend well with their natural hair. So today, we’re giving you a quick quiz on what texture may fit you!

  • What texture is considered your “everyday style”?
      1. Straight
      2. Body Wave
      3. Loose Wave
      4. Deep Wave
      5. Kinky Curly
      6. Yaki Straight
    Lustro Straight 22"
  • How often do you curl your hair?
      1. 3 or less times per week
      2. 4-5 times per week
      3. 6-7 times per week
      4. 8-9 times per week
      5. 10+ times per week
      6. None at all
    Body Wave Lustro Hair
  • When wearing your natural hair, is it usually:
      1. Straight
      2. Wavy from middle to bottom
      3. Wavy mostly at the bottom
      4. Wavy from top to bottom
      5. Kinky, coily or curly
      6. Blow Dried
    Wig Construction (Kinky Curly)
  • What length do you prefer your hair extensions to be?
      1. 20+ inches
      2. 16+ inches
      3. 14+ inches
      4. 24+ inches
      5. 12+ inches
      6. I like to switch it up

  • How do you like to style your hair?
      1. Sleek bob
      2. Half up, Half down
      3. All the way down with a little volume at the ends
      4. Super long, waist length at minimum 
      5. In a puff, or shoulder length -- for a more natural look 
      6. In a bun

    If you answered mostly “A”...

    You’ll look great in Straight! Nice, sleek and simple. Give it a try!

    If you answered mostly “B”...

    Body Wave is the texture for you! It gives that subtle curl at the bottom, and can easily be straightened.

    If you answered mostly “C”...

    Loose Wave is the go! To us, Loose Wave is a hidden gem, and gives off the “bouncy tresses” vibe.

    If you answered mostly “D”...

    You’re a Deep Wave kinda babe! This style looks great anywhere, but especially near the sun, and on the beach.

    If you answered mostly “E”...

    We’d look to see you in Kinky Curly! We love this texture because it is the most similar to our natural hair. It has tons of volume, and can be worn with leave out for a seamless blend!

    If you answered mostly “F”...

    Yaki Straight is your go-to! You love the natural look, whether short or long!

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    Take this quiz and share it with your friends! While this quiz is just for fun, it may help you figure out your next hairstyle. Even if it’s a style you aren’t used to, it may be time to try something new! Check out the latest hair colors and styles here, and sign up for our newsletter for the first peek at the new-new!

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