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Dear Lustro Customer,

Thank you for supporting Lustro Hair. We understand that there have been a plethora of diseases that have gone on for quite some time now. With COVID-19 still continuing to plague the world, hitting Black individuals at a largely disproportionate rate, in addition to a genocide, that has been going on well over 400 years, racism.

Racism is systemic, and has been plaguing the world for centuries. It is deeply rooted and engrained in our country, specifically, and is something we cannot ignore. Black people have endured racism, oppression, slavery, police violence, murder, micro-aggressions and a host of other forms of violence that have held them down, and back, from moving forward in society.

We cannot afford to turn our heads at the thought of racism. We can’t afford to say we’re helping the cause, if we are not taking action. Action has to be taken to back up those claims, and we intend to do so.

This is not a race issue, but rather a basic human rights issue -- meaning, this is an issue that we (all people) have to attack at the core. We would be ignorant as a company whose audience is largely Black women, to ignore the injustices that have gone on for years. 

There are many ways to get involved, whether it be to raise awareness, donate, use your privilege, protest, call or mail government officials demanding change, and to simply speak out about police violence, racist remarks and/or blatant ignorance.

The responsibility is one for us all. We cannot move forward if we leave Black people behind -- people who have built and provided for this country against their will. We encourage you to get involved in this fight, if you haven’t already. 

Below, we’ll list some links on how to get involved. Remember, silence is compliance, and if you stay silent, you are contributing to the systems set in place to further contribute to racism.

Breonna Taylor Fund:


George Floyd Fund:


Dallas Protest (Ongoing):

Check Out These Hashtags On All Social Media Platforms:

#dallasprotests #justiceforbreonnataylor #justiceforgeorgefloyd


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