Taraji P. Henson’s Debuts Her New Product Line: TPH By Taraji P. Henson - Now At Target! A Look Book | Lustro Hair: 100% Virgin & Remy Hair Extensions

This one’s for us, natural babes! Ms. Around The Way Girl herself has created a double-decade formula for the natural girl who often wears protective styles. For the girls who love to get sew ins, the Empire actress supplies a solution for getting to those hard-to-reach areas. Enough of the small talk, let’s get into the products!

To begin this 18-product line showcase, we’ll get started with the Master Cleanser. This product was specifically created for scalp treatment when wearing sew ins -- and cant scratch or moisturize your natural hair. Yassssss sis we needed this!

Next is the “Tough Cookie.” Tough Cookie is a style defining gel -- use this to bring out those rich curls!

Never Salty Sugar Salt Scrub: Think of a face exfoliator, but for your scalp!  Ohhhh Ms. TPH, you done did it there! 

Honey Fresh Clarifying Shampoo With Moisture -- A simple shampoo for all your hair cleansing needs!

Ride Or Die Detangling Conditioner -- We all need this, especially for my 4c curly girls! Just look at the packaging!

Mint Condition Tingling Scalp Conditioner - Similar to the Master Cleanser’s bottle shape, this product gets deep in the roots of your hair to give it that deep clean. 

The Guardian Curl Refresher: 

Hydrating your curls, one mist at a time! Keep your curls fresh with this spectacular mist!

Real Love Protein treatment Mask: Just like your body, your hair needs protein, too! Get on the road to healthy hair with this gem! 

Serene Queen Gentle Shampoo - Another option for your gentle, hair cleansing needs

Hair having issues with breakage? Be sure to get your hands on the After Dark Overnight Repair Mask! 

Ultra Chill Energizing & Coooling Serum: Want that invigorating feeling from top to bottom? Try this serum, and tell us what you think!

Mother Earth Moisturizing Clay Mask - Treat this as a face mask, for your hair! Pull all the unnecessary oils and dirt from your hair with this clay mask, while keeping the moisture!

So Slick Edge Control - All that needs to be said is: Ca you really have enough edge controls?!

Make It Rain Hydrating Conditioner - Okay Cookie, now ya just showing out with the variety of shampoos and conditioners! The names are an added bonus *Wink* 

Glow Up Pure Scalp Oil Blend: A staple. You gotta’ include oil in your hair care routine! Try the L-C-O (Liquid, Cream, Oil) Method and let us know how it works with your hair texture.

Smooth Attitude Mending Hair Milk - I can imagine my scalp loving this -- sort of like a leave-in conditioner, but lighter. Ahhhhhh, relaxing!

Hot Commodity Heat 

Protecting Spray - The girls LOVE this! Every now and then we want a good blowout or flat-iron, and this is the perfect solution for protecting your hair against the heat!

Hustle & Co Co-Wash: Well, what a name! But I feel it sis, I love a good co-wash. Shortens the wash day process, while leaving your hair feeling nice and clean!

Tried any of the TPH By Taraji Collection? Send us a DM on Instagram, or Facebook to tell us how the product(s) worked for you!

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