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Holiday Sales:

Many hair extension companies have sales around the holidays, especially around Black Friday and Christmas. Prices are typically the lowest they’ll ever go during the year -- so take advantage! There are holidays (even if they aren’t federally recognized) just about every month, so keep checking back on your favorite hair extension website. Sales can be anywhere from 10-60% off. 

Sign Up For Free Programs:

With Lustro Hair, we offer an Affiliate Program for customers who frequently purchase hair, and have access to an audience who purchases hair frequently. When signing up, you will receive a personalized coupon code that you can share with others and use for yourself. This code is worth 15% off of your purchase, and when others use your code and purchase, you receive 15% of their entire purchase in commission! Many hair extension companies offer programs similar to this, so look out for them and inquire, just in case you don’t see the option on their website.

Email Subscription: 

Usually in the form of a pop-up when you first visit the website, email subscriptions provide a quick and easy way to receive discounts on hair. Most websites offer 10% off by signing up, however, others may offer 15-20% off for first-time visitors. Others have a general code, which can be used multiple times, as long as the code is valid.

*Note: Only one code can be used at a time on most websites, so use the one that gets you the best deal!

Coupon Codes:

In addition to email subscriptions and signing up for your own personal coupon code, some websites offer general coupons when spending a certain amount of money that take your totals down. Others allow you to use a coupon code without spending a minimum amount of money, which are always a win-win. If the company offers them, they will usually appear on the homepage as a banner, or in your cart, when it’s time to purchase. 

Compare Different Websites

Before purchasing any hair extensions, collect a list of your favorite websites and write them down. Take note of the coupon codes that each site offers, and add the hair extensions you want to your cart on each of them. Enter the highest coupon code on each website, and check your total. Whichever has the cheapest price, is the one you may choose. 

*Note: The cheapest price rarely ever means the best quality, so keep that in mind when searching for coupons!

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