Tips to Keep Your Hair Extensions Looking Fresh | Lustro Hair: 100% Virgin & Remy Extensions

We all have seen those wigs that lack moisture and look a little too shiny to be your real hair. All you want are hair extensions that look natural enough and last long, which we can help you with! Check out our tips for keeping your hair extensions looking (and feeling) fresh.

Tip #1: Invest in high-quality hair extensions

Simply put, high-quality hair extensions are extensions that are, at the very least, virgin or remy hair: such as Lustro Hair! Virgin hair will be a little cheaper than remy, but they are both quality hair extensions.You'll save a little money in the long run by investing in high-quality hair extensions, which will last longer than low-quality hair extensions. 

Tip #2: Wash—and properly care—for your extensions

Every hair extension may be different, and some require more care than others. If you have hair extensions made of any synthetic fibers, they should be handled delicately. Pay special attention to the water temperature, shampoos and drying method. 

For Virgin and Remy hair extensions, proper care still is required, but there is a bit more leniency with them. For example, you can wash these types of extensions far more often, with warmer temperatures, and detangle them much faster.

Tip #3: Do not over-bleach

A simple tip, but bleaching can cause hair extensions to lose their natural moisture, particularly if used too many times. It also can cause the extensions to shed—again, if used too many times, or used incorrectly.

Tip #4: If the ends on your synthetic extensions are starting to look stiff, cut them

The only thing worse than having stiff hair extensions is not caring enough to fix them. If this applies, and you are unsure what to do, find where your hair begins changing texture, grab a pair of scissors and begin to cut. For a more natural-looking style, cut downward, at a slanted angle. For a blunt cut, cut the hair straight across.

Tip #5: Define that parting space, sis

If you don’t do any fine-tuning to your hair extensions (even the good quality ones), they’re likely to tangle or just look extremely unnatural. Use concealer to define a parting space, a paddle brush to get rid of tangles (making sure you brush from end to root), and a hot comb or flat iron to flatten the top of your hair. These are only the basics.

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