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Hey Lustro Loves! Don’t let being in the house all week allow you to neglect your hair care routine! In fact, now’s a great opportunity to try some new techniques and products. Today, we’re giving you 10 hair care products under $10 -- teaching you how to be a babe on a budget!

  • As I Am Product Line: Coconut Co-Wash, Leave-In Conditioner: $10

  • Right before the official quarantine started, it seemed like we were all trying to get our life in order, right?! Well, it’s okay, sis. We still have time; and with all of this extra time inside the house, why not spend a few dollars toward healthy hair? Let’s start with As I Am. First off, the smell is A-MA-ZING. Their Coconut Co-Wash is a 2-in-1 replacement for shampoo and conditioner, so it’s healthier for your hair. Not to mention, It makes your curls POP! Add in the leave-in-conditioner after the wash for a banging combo. (Sidenote: Don’t you just feel like you have your life together when you use two products from the same hair care line I know I do).

  • Oils: Coconut, Argan, Olive, Jojoba, Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO): $1-$8

  • These oils are essential for any natural hairstyle, and you can even use them in your hair extensions (and for coconut oil, your food!). These either lock in the moisture, and/or add shine to your hair, and keep it looking healthy.

  • Hair Masque: Indian Healing Clay: $8

  • A Holy Grail. This masque can be found at Target, Whole Foods, on Amazon, and many other stores. What’s dope is that it can even be used for a face masque. This masque hydrates your hair, while stripping away built up oils and leaves your hair nice and moisturized for the next style. (Add a little bit of Apple Cider Vinegar for extra cleansing!)

  • Deep Conditioner: Several brands, but I really enjoy Aussie: $6

  • Aussie not only smells great, but it has a very soft texture that glides smoothly onto your hair, and leaves your tresses feeling soft as well. An extra steal: the large bottle is STILL, less than $10!

  • DIY Hair Masque: Unlike the one mentioned above, this one’s made of food! Staples for do-it-yourself hair masques include: Avocado, Honey, Oils, Eggs, Apple Cider Vinegar, etc.: ~$1-$10

  • If you didn’t know by now, food is universal; and when used as a hair product, it becomes much cheaper and healthier option for your hair. Avocado, Honey, Oils, Eggs, Apple Cider Vinegar, and more can all be used for your hair, most being cheaper than even $3. If using honey, be sure to get Raw Honey. In addition, these products also double as a face mask! Who knew these items had so many uses other than eating?!

  • Rice Water for Hair Growth: $3

  • I’ve heard this plenty of times before, that adding warm water to rice, then applying to your hair can help it grow. Since rice is pretty inexpensive, it’s worth a try! Be sure to let the rice sit, and after applying the rice water to your hair, let it sit as well. (This is most commonly done with white rice). 

  • Denman Brush: $5
  • This product was pretty popular a few years back. From friends who have tried it, this product works best on natural hair, who’s detangling process is a little longer than they would like it to be. Remember, start at the ends of your hair, and work your way up to the root. Detangling is a primary step in maintaining healthy hair. 


    • Wide Tooth Comb: $2

    Oh how much I hated this one growing up. However, it’s essential. Wide tooth combs can be found at Walmart, the beauty supply store, Amazon, and a host of other places. The one that I found that works best for my hair is the black or burnt orange one, which has long, wide “teeth” -- it also causes less tension for my tender-headed ladies)

  • Paddle Brush: $5

  • When wearing hair extensions, paddle brushes are one of the best products to use. Unlike the Denman brush, paddle brushes are great for softer hair, especially wigs and weaves. 

  • Crochet Needle: $1

  • Want to practice new hairstyles during quarantine? We’ve got you covered!Crochet Needles can be used with almost any type of hair extensions, but it is most commonly used for Crochet Braids, Kanekalon Hair, Box Braids and multiple styles of twists. Find it at the beauty supply store, or your local Walmart.

    Didn’t we tell you we got you, sis?! While some beauty supply stores may not be open, we know your local Walmart is! In addition, many stores are available online, so if you have time to wait, you can also get your products that way. Thank you for checking out today’s blog, be sure to tag us on Instagram with your new hair products!

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