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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we’ve got something special for you! This year, the day of love falls on a Friday, which is the start to the perfect night. Only thing is, you have to make sure your hair is perfect, whether you’re going out for date night, or a night on the town. So, keep reading for the hottest trends and styles for this year’s Valentine’s Day!

  1. Curls are an elegant, yet slight addition to the traditional, everyday glam. A few ways to achieve bottomless, non-stop curls are to use either a flat iron, curling rod or barrel, or flexi rods -- for a heatless curl option. Whichever you use, be sure to use heat protectant, and/or a spritz, to ensure the curls last all night
  1. Up-Dos are a simple way to turn heads and keep your hair out of your face. This can be a bun, ponytail, or braid… The options for slaying are endless! For this style, you’ll need a brush, comb, ponytail holder and spritz or freeze spray to keep your hair in place. If you want to add baby hairs, be sure to add edge control and an edge brush to your list. While we recommend a bun, the choice is ultimately yours. 
  1. A classy style that’s been around for ages -- this one’s for our short-haired ladies! Finger Waves will steal a heart; there’s something special about being able to rock short hair as a woman, when the stigma is “only men have short hair.” Ladies, prove ‘em wrong with this timeless style, all eyes will be on you, tonight! This style typically requires a professional stylist, however, there are YouTube tutorials to teach you as well. 

  1. A blast from the past: This style is making a comeback for hair gurus all over the world. Crimps are a neat style that adds the perfect amount of pizzazz to any outfit. You can pick up a crimping iron from your local beauty supply store, or at Walmart or Target. All you have to do to achieve this style is place a section of your hair in between the iron, hold for a few seconds, and repeat until the entire section is “crimped”! Get the look, here
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