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Happy Hump Day Peeps! As we all know, this quarantine life can be a bit uncertain. We don’t know what will happen, when it will end, or what the world will look like once it does. We do, however, know that we can focus only on what we can control, and take it day by day. Since a lot of beauty supply stores are closed, and hairstylists and barbers are unable to tend to their clients, we have something for you that will not only save you time and money, but will also fix “I need my hair done!” itch. Today, we’re answering some frequently asked questions about wigs, as they pertain to density. So, stay tuned, and get educated as you prepare to purchase your next style!

  • What does the word “density” refer to?
  • Density refers to how ‘thick’ something is. In this case, density can mean thick, full or weight of a wig.

  • What’s the difference between 120%, 150% and 180%?
  • The difference between 120%, 150% and 180% is the 30% gap between thickness. Many wigs start at 120% at the top (scalp area), and increase as they go further back. Others, however, keep the same density throughout the entire wig. 

  • Is 180% too thick for a bob?
  • The answer to this question is subjective; it really all depends on how thick you like your hair. Personally, my natural hair is thick, so I wouldn’t mind a wig that has 180% density. However, this may not be your cup of tea. For most wig styles, 150% is average, so heir on the side of that if you’re unsure. 

  • Does Lustro Hair sell wigs in all densities? 
  • Yes, we do! Our most popular wigs are 150% and 180%. We also have wigs in all textures as well: Straight, Body Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave and Kinky Curly. Our most popular is our Kinky Curly.

  • Which density would you refer to someone with thin hair?
  • If you want your wig to resemble your natural hair, but with a little added volume, I would suggest the 120%. If you want extra volume, but not too heavy, I would recommend 180%.

    Here at Lustro, we offer Lace Front Wigs and Lace Closure wigs. Please check out the blog, or give us a call at (833) 258. 7876 or email us at contact@lustrohair.com for further questions. In addition to wig densities, length also matters. Be sure to double check the length when ordering, so that you can get the wigs that’s best for you! Check out our Lace Front and Lace Closure wigs today!

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