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Every time you turn your head, there’s a new lace in town. Today, we’re catching you up to speed on the latest lace styles. We’ll discuss HD, Transparent and Brown (or natural) lace. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what will work best for you. So, let’s lace up!

HD Lace:                                                                                             

HD Lace is the highest quality of all laces. What makes HD Lace different and top quality is how well it blends with your natural scalp. HD Lace offers a skin-like color and texture for your hair extensions, and is hardly detectable when installed properly. If you take a look at the images above, you can see that the HD Lace looks the most natural against your skin. At Lustro Hair, we offer HD Lace, so you can have the flawless look you’ve been searching for with your bundles!

Transparent Lace: 

Transparent Lace is the perfect medium between Brown (Natural) Lace and HD Lace. It is slightly visible on the scalp, but with a little bit of hair maintenance and manipulation, Transparent Lace can blend almost as well as HD Lace. Transparent Lace is also a bit thicker than HD Lace, and the knots are visible. Bleaching the knots can alleviate this issue, and allow your lace to blend more seamlessly. 

Brown Lace: 

Brown (Natural) Lace is the basic and most common form of lace. Although Brown Lace is darker than most other laces, it won’t necessarily appear to look like your natural scalp. The knots on Brown Lace are a lot smaller than the ones on Transparent Lace, so you’ll have an easier time trying to blend and manipulate it. Simply taking makeup in your skin color to apply to your part will make your hair extensions look as realistic as possible.

While HD is top quality, it also tends to be more expensive than the other laces. But remember, hair extensions are an investment! Invest in yourself, your look and your hair and purchase one of our HD Lace Closures or Frontals today!

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