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We’ve made it to Friday folks! During this down time, you may have been tempted to dye your hair, braid it up or cut it. Hopefully, whatever you chose (or are still choosing), it ends up being just how you imagined! Today, were talking about which bangs are right for you!

  • Side Bangs:

  •  Growing up, I’m sure we all had these at some point in our lives. Side bangs lie on either the left or right side of your face, depending on which feels more comfortable to you. If you wear hair extensions, this easily translates to which side your bangs will be on, with which type of part you’ll have. Side bangs work great for those who like a little extra flair in their hair, and don’t mind showing off their side profile. Want Gabrielle Union's look? Use a non-heat curler or a flat iron to add in a little 'bump' to your hair. You glow, sis!

  • Blunt Bangs:

  • These bangs are pretty common, but haven't made a comeback in a few years or so. They cover your forehead, lying right  in front, evenly spread, and stopping just above your eyebrows (or right below, if that’s your prerogative). These bangs are for the girls who are sassy and chic: who love doing their makeup, but are also a good cover up when they can’t get their eyebrows done.  Want to throw a little razzle dazzle in there? Give them a little fringe spacing them apart, and voila! Texture them, or fringe them, or lay them on thick -- the choice is yours!

  • Double-Sided Bangs:

  • Now popular on the block: these bangs hang on both sides, typically in thin layers. What’s great about this particular bang is that it works well for natural hair and hair extensions. Double-sided bangs can be manipulated in various different ways to compliment your current hairstyle. They can have a natural curl from a wash-and-go, a wave pattern from a twist or braid-out, or it can be heat styled with a flat-iron or curling iron. What’s nice about this particular style of bangs is usually, they don’t hang in your face, and they give off an ‘accent’ to  your hairstyle. Try them out -- we think you’ll love them!

    Ready to switch up your style? Test out one of the bang styles above and let us know how it turned out! Be sure to follow us on YouTube and Instagram for more updates!

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