Wild, Winning, Wigs: Why Wigs Have Been Trending In The Past Decade | Lustro Hair: 100% Virgin & Remy Hair

Red wig, blue wig, yellow wig, pink wig. No matter the color or the style, there’s a wig that fits everyone! What’s even more convenient, is that there are wigs today that look like your natural hair. Oh how the game has evolved! With Lustro Hair, you can now purchase HD Lace! Today, we’re telling you all about the trends with wigs, so join us as we unravel some hidden secrets in the hair game!

  • Wigs are simply, more convenient.

  • With wigs, you are able to go from “Ehhh” to “Ayyyyye!” All it takes is a braid down of your natural hair, a wig cap, and a bomb wig to transform your look! Now, how it looks overall is really up to you or your stylist. Be sure to secure it by way of combs, elastic band, wig band, glue and/or freeze spray

  • They typically last longer.

  • Depending on how you care for your hair, wigs typically last longer than a traditional install because they’re not constantly attached to your head (in most cases). That’s not to say your sew-ins won’t last long, but as long as you are maintaining your wig (washing with sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner, air drying, using heat tools sparingly and putting your wig on a mannequin when you aren’t using it), your Lustro Hair should last a good while. 

  • Wigs take less time to install or apply

  • We’ve all been there before -- sitting in a stylist’s chair for hours waiting to get our hair done. So many steps, a ton of precision, it all takes time to get it right -- the first time. You’ve probably spent anywhere from three to six hours in a salon, waiting to get your hair done. With wigs, you’ll likely spend three hours, max. With the time decrease, you’ll have more opportunities to take pictures of your new hair!

  • Lustro Hair Offers HD Lace

  • If you haven’t heard about HD lace, open your ears! HD lace is the most transparent lace on the market. It matches your natural scalp and and blends so well, people think it’s your natural hair. Here at Lustro, we pride ourselves on transparency and technology, and with the world ever changing, our hair needs to change right along with it. Try our transparent HD lace today! 

  •  For curlier styles, the curls bounce back

  • Many customers wonder if their curls will come back if they decide to straighten their curly hair extensions, and with Lustro Hair, we can guarantee that your curls will bounce back, as long as they’re not heat-damaged by using too much heat. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t still care for your hair, just make sure you’re using heat protecting products. In order to make your curls reappear, simply add water and run your fingers through it. Try our Kinky Curly wig today! 

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