Become the voice of Lustrohair

Lustro Hair is recruiting young people who are passionate about wigs from the world. Wherever you are and whether you own an online or offline wig shop you can join the Lustro Hair Ambassador Program.

What you do:

  • Speak publicly at events, big and small
  • Network with community leaders
  • Accompany executive leaders at events
  • Promote the brand image, high tech and products of Lustro Hair on difference occasions
  • Call on more young people who are passionate about wigs and fashion to build up communities.
  • Help Lustro Hair brand's growth and localization in your area.

What you get:

  • Be the first to learn the R&D updated of the new product and gain the professional marketing support, including publicity collaterals.
  • Training in public speaking, storytelling, professional communication, career development, and much more
  • Opportunities to build your professional network
  • Informal mentoring from successful business leaders

In addition, Lustro Hair will choose ambassadors to partner up to develop the global wigs market.

How long is the program

Every ambassador's term lasts for 2 years. Lustro Hair will grant you the Ambassador Certificate at the end of the term.


What are the expectations for Ambassadors

Ambassadors must participate in the initial training and commit to attend the annual event as well as remain flexible for ongoing requests from Lustro Hair for fundraising meetings, media exposure, and photoshoots. Additional training and incredible opportunities are offered to Ambassadors who make themselves available.


How do I apply

Send email to with "Lustrohair Ambassadors Program" titled


What is the application process like

You will be expected to submit an application, resume, and list of references. Follow-up includes interviews and possible public speaking auditions.

When are applications due

There is no deadline. You can apply any time after you begin participating.

Who can apply

The Ambassador program is open to all Lustrohair customers who have made more than 3 orders.


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