Our Philosophy

  • At Lustro, we strives to enhance the natural beauty of our customers. This beauty is uniquely your own—and yours to celebrate.
  • We seek out the finest in human hair product, naturally. Our products let customers both preserve and enhance their individual styles.
  • We believe that style and technology can go hand in hand. Our top-of-the-line styles are both comfortably and fashionably wearable.
  • In an industry known for products that may lack integrity, we aim for quality, consistency and transparency, across the board.

What Sets Us Apart


Currently many e-commerce sites, including Amazon and Aliexpress, offer wigs that are sub-standard or shoddy and fail to live up to the product descriptions. Some of these sites even sell chemical fiber as real hair. But very little, for example, real Brazilian and Cambodian hair, both highly prized, is actually on the market today. In fact, so-called Brazilian or Cambodian hair actually maybe shipped from elsewhere and sold at premium prices. In addition, it turns out that the beautiful blonde hair found in many wigs is bleached from other colors, a process which hurts human hair. On top of that, bleaching methods can vary greatly, causing as much as 40% of the hair to wear. While the cost of making a good-quality wig can be expensive, we believe that’s far better than the bundles of cheap, fake hair, which simply can not be guaranteed.


We want our customers to know the real cost—and source—of every bundle of hair, from procurement to production to transportation. Few in the industry ever dare to be so transparent. As a matter of fact, we're willing to let consumers see for themselves the entire process: what all goes into it, how much each item costs, and what consumers get in return.

Attention to detail

The key component of any good product is a standard of excellence in every aspect. We practice what we preach in accordance with the highest standards in design, procurement, production, quality assurance, customer service, and more. Every step of the process is approached with detail orientation in mind.