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Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen! It’s about that time we spoil you all with a deal you can’t resist! We know you all enjoy a good bundle deal, and what’s even better is protecting your entire head, with a closure or frontal for full protection. Stay tuned to see what kind of deals we have for you! 

3 Bundles + Closure or Frontal Deal:

The most common option of the bundle deals, this deal allows you to order enough hair extensions for a full head, and you may even have hair left over! You can choose from any of our six hair textures: Straight, Yaki StraightBody Wave, Deep Wave, Loose Wave or Kinky Curly. To receive a discount on these items, use code ‘NR20’ for 20% off. If you are in or near the Dallas-Fort Worth area, redeem and additional discount at Nappy Republic. Keep reading for more details!

Three Bundle Deals w/Frontal (Body Wave)

4 Bundle Deals:

We know the girls love a super long summer look, so we’re also giving you our four bundle deal + closure or frontal at 20% off! Now, you can rock those 26” without wondering if you have enough hair! Use code: ‘NR20’ for 20% off. See below on how to cash in on additional discounts while getting the hair of your dreams!

4 Bundle Deal (Loose Wave)

Wig Customization Discount with Nappy Republic:

In addition to getting your bundles deals, we have also partnered with our Plano/Dallas stylist to offer you additional discounts! You have the bundles and closure, but who’s going to do your hair for you? We’ve got you covered! If you prefer units over sew-ins, this is the option for you! After purchasing, mention code: ‘NR20’ at Nappy Republic (located at 6100 K Avenue, Plano, TX, 75074  ) to receive a wig customization at a discounted price.

Discounted Installation with Nappy Republic:

Now, if you’re a sew-in connoisseur, you’ll love the option to get your install at a discount! Using code ‘NR20,’ you can receive up to $100 off your installation! If you have any questions regarding this promotion, feel free to call us at 214-235-9561 or email us at

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What a great way to start off the summer! Now you can get your hair extensions and hair extensions installed, both at a great price -- just in time to be summertime fine!

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