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A bittersweet day for fans all around the world as the Grammys Premiered on the day of basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, in addition to his daughter, and seven others passing, may they rest in peace. Many celebrities took to their performances and speeches to recognize them.

Per usual, stars came in their best gear, hairstyles and accessories to rock the stage. Some bold, as others were simply elegant, and many scattered in between. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about hairstyles: how to get them, keep them and tweak them.

  • (Grammy Winner) Lizzo

  • Two words: simply elegant. Lizzo took the stage in all white, beautifully complementing the wonderful start that she is. Her hairstyle of choice that night was a side part, accompanied with loose curls that hund down her back. You love to see it!

    Now, how do you get this style? You can purchase three of our body wave bundles (at least 16 inches) and have them installed. Part your hair to the side, and use edge control to slick down your edges. Yassss, Lizzo!

  • Chrissy Teigen 
  • Whether you follow her on Twitter to see her snarky remarks, (especially toward her husband, John Legend), or not, Chrissy Teigen is not to be messed with. Teigen graced the scene with an orange ensemble that cuts thigh high. Her sleeves displaying a high, fluffed flower-like design, perfectly showcasing her face.

    As for her hairstyle, she’s rocking a bob look. Grab a couple of bundles of our hand-tied wefts, in the colors 8 and 27, and layer them throughout your head, starting with #27. Since our shortest wefts come in 12”, you may want to cut a couple inches off, or keep them! Go Chrissy!

  • Ella Mai 
  • Ella Mai, just like her music, gives us a soft, yet bold look. She comes to the red carpet in a red, strappy dress that also has a thigh-high slit, paired with red sandal heels. Her jewelry? A simple diamond necklace that gives off the perfect shine. 


    As for her ‘do’ she’s wearing a classic bun with a couple bangs on either side. For this style, you can either wear our Hand-Tied Bundles (In the color #1B) or our Double-Weft Bundles in the same color. Part the front of your hair down the middle (about one inch) and comb down some side bangs on either side. Take the rest of your hair and pin it up in a bun. Shot clock!


  • Ariana Grande
  • The ponytail goddess has done it again! Ariana Grande shows up in a heather grey layered dress, seeming to resemble Cinderella’s. How cuuuuuuuute! It’s accompanied with gloves that add just the right touch.

    Her hair is in her signature style: a high ponytail, with a slight side bang, hanging to the right side of her face. Want to perfect this style? Take a bundle of our #16 Hand-Tied wefts in 26 inches, and another of our #4 Hand-Tied wefts in 12 inches. Apply the #16 bundles first, then layer the #4 on top. Part a small bang on the right-hand side, and boom! Thank you, next.

    Like these styles? Be sure to show us what you come up with by messaging us on Facebook or DMing us on Instagram!

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