Hand-Tied Wefts (Part One) | Lustro Hair: 100% Virgin & Remy Hair Extensions

Have you heard? There’s a new weft in town — a hand-tied weft, that is! As the name implies, this type of weft is tied by hand and, as one of the hottest styles of extensions today, it’s been taking the hair industry by storm.

So...what’s so great about hand-tied wefts anyway? Simply put, these extensions add exceptional volume, length and thickness when blended with your hair. Plus, both adding and removing them is quite simple; using a weaving needle, micro beads and thread to install (most common), and scissors to cut the thread easily when it’s time to remove. 

Hand-tied wefts typically take about one and a half to two hours to install. A steadier way of doing this is to attach the weft to the hair near the scalp, using clips to hold the weft in place as your stylist sews each weft onto the track of silicone beads.

These unique bundles are highly sought-after because of their thin wefts, which are almost undetectable when merged with natural hair. Moreover, our hand-tied wefts, available in bundles of six, contain the same 100% remy hair as other Lustro products. (Due to the careful craftsmanship of hand-tied wefts, Lustro’s factory is able to produce a limited quantity: only 100 bundles per day.) For a full head, you will need to purchase at least two bundles, meaning that you will receive 12 wefts total (again, six per bundle).

Consumers and stylists alike prefer hand-tied wefts to conventional bundles (i.e. machine-made wefts) because hand-tied wefts are lightweight, lie flat against the head, and generally are better quality. Their versatility also lends itself to creative looks and a myriad of styling options. Given the high quality and competitive pricing of hand-tied wefts, we’re confident that these bundles will win you over.

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