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Personally, I typically only wear curls when going to a special event, but some of us love the curls -- and I don’t blame you! Even if we buy curly hair extensions, though, we run the risk of the natural curls falling, or the curls losing luster over time. Today, we’re teaching you a few ways to make your curls last longer!

Tip #1: 

Make sure you know what type of curl pattern you have; typically, your curls will either be loose or tight. There is a possibility that the curls can be in between the two as well. If your curls are tight, you’ll want to take care of them, by using curl creams, such as Design Essentials, water and your fingers to scrunch your hair, or a blow dryer with a diffuser to hold the curls

Design Essentials Avocado Curling Creme


Blow Dryer

Tip #2: 

If your curls are loose, you have a little more lenient with your hair care routine. With loose curls, you can use rollers at night, or for a quicker option, you can use a curling wand or iron. Also, you can braid your curls as well; this will produce more of a wavy pattern

Hair Rollers

Tip #3: 

With wet looks, a good product to have in your tool box  is Mousse. In addition to water, mousse activates your curls for longer lasting definition, and it also gives your hair a natural-looking shine too! Lightly coat with oil if your hair is more coarse, or if you want the blend to be seamless.

Nairobi Hair Foaming Mousse


If you try the option using a heat tool (curling rod or curling iron), be sure to use Spritz and a Crocodile Clip to pin the curls in place for at least 5-10 minutes. This will ensure your curls last all day. 

In our opinion, curls that need less heat to flourish typically end up lasting longer. However, we know that both curling options are useful for our customers. If you like tighter curls, we suggest our very popular Kinky Curly bundles or wigs. For loose looking curls, give our Loose Wave a try -- but hurry! The entire site is 20% off using code “NR20”

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