National Women’s Month: May We Love Them, Respect Them And Give Them Hair Creds - ‘A Look Book’ | Lustro Hair: 100% Virgin & Remy Hair Extensions

It’s March, which means it’s officially Women’s Month! We should adore and compliment them every month, so this month, make it double (Or triple). Today, we’re giving you hair talk from women with some of the most iconic hairstyles, dating decades back.

  1. We love a classic afro! Ms. Diana Ross. A Queen. An icon. You love to see it. 

  1. SZA. Ma’am! While she usually opts for her natural colored blowout look, she came through with the green and gave us a L-E-W-K. Yassss sis, go sis!

  1. Danai Gurira. Sis said: “ These braids still look good, but lemme shake ‘em up a little bit.” Go head sis, WE STAN!

  1. Solange. Solange. Solange. Don’t you just love how she goes against the grain? Like forreal, Solange ain’t scared of NOTHIN’! As you can see here, she used just about every bead in the hair box, and STILL looks good. Period.

  1. Halle Berrrrrrrrry, Halle Berrry! A classic lewk. Finger Waves throw it alllllll da way back. And the color is a perfect fit for her skin color. You go, Halle.

  1. An icon herself, making major ways in the music, beauty and fashion industry. When Rihanna debuted these thick, long locs, we wasn’t readyyyyyyyyy! Keep slaying Ms. Fenty Fabulous.

  1. Queen Bey. Not only was the album, song and music video an iconic moment to symbolize Black history, but these braids….. Sis. How did you do it? I mean, how long did it take? You must’ve been sitting there for daysssss. Or is it a wig? Whatever it is, you look great!

  1. CARDI! Okay, you cute! Cardi B took on this Bantu Knot look, paired with side bangs and a flipped bob. That’s creative. We like it, keep on keepin’ on.

  1. In my opinion, Eva Marcille can pull off just about any hairstyle. She’s been rocking shades of brown and blonde for as long as we can remember, and although it doesn’t look like this style took too much effort, that’s what we love about it! 


10. The queen of black and white with a pop of red. Janelle Monae does it so effortlessly! A fohawk braid paired with smaller braids on either side, it doesn’t take much for her to steal the show. Oh so refreshing!

  1. Ms. Erykah Badu, Babyyyyy. Her hair has always been a beauty to admire, and it only gets better with time. Long, thick tresses that flow toward gravity. Tell me: What’s better?!

  1. (Little) Sis! She’s been slaying and winning, oh so gracefully! We love it. Such a simple, cute look that she completely BODIED, okay?!

  1. Well, due to this recent campaign, we just had to give Ciara five different spotlights: The Puffs -- I’m sure we all remember having these as a child, oohwee! The afro with the pins -- The hair tells the story, while the pins add the special effects! MELANIN hair beads with locs -- Melanin. Dassit. Fye. In the pink, she’s channeling her younger self as well. The ponytail balls -- it’s triggering just looking at them, hoping they don’t pop! And a new trend on the block: Passion Twists --- except xtra, XTRA long! Wow, what a beauty! *Drops Mic*



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