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It’s Friday, folks, and we’re back with another Black-owned hair care brand! Today, we’re giving you the inside scoop about Girlfriends and recently, Black-ish star, Tracee Ellis Ross’ new product line -- PATTERN! Stay tuned for this 15-piece product line, which can be found at Ulta!

First, a little comedy to get us started:

Diddy Supports Tracee Ellis Ross (PATTERN)

Check out Diddy using and supporting PATTERN | Tracee Ellis Ross with her new hair care line before he heads out to Michael B. Jordan’s party! Diddy is for sure a lucky man! #blackexcellence

Tracee Ellis Ross Supports Diddy (Ciroc)

Tracee Ellis Ross said right back atcha! The star supports Diddy right back as she showers with a bottle of Ciroc, before heading out to the Vanity Fair party. We stan, #blackexcellence

  1. Leave-In Conditioner: One of my favorite products for extra hydration after a good wash day! 

It even comes in a travel size!

  1.   PATTERN Travel Pack: One for the girls! For those who love to lay up next to the beach, always on the go or #travel baes, this one’s a go-to for on-the-go cleansing

  1.  Hydration Shampoo: Typically the first step in your wash day routine, lather up and remove that unwanted dirt from your head!

Just want to try it out? This one comes in a mini, too!

  1.   Medium Conditioner: For the curly girls who have high-porosity, coily-like hair. This works great as a co-wash as well! 

Mini, anyone? ---->

  1.   Heavy Conditioner: For Coilies -- “With texture like butta,” this conditioner caters to the coily and tight textures. Thick hair babes, we’ve got a winner!

Check out the mini! 

  1.   Sisssssss, if you haven’t been pre-detangling your hair in the shower, what is you doin’?! Be sure to get this brush to make sure your conditioner slips and sticks on those luscious curls of yours!

  1.   Intensive Conditioner: For Tight Textures -- For my 4c ladies, Ms. Ross was thinking of us when she created this! We all know our hair needs a little extra love, and we hope this is the perfect solution to it!

And of course, can’t forget the travel size! 

Jojoba Oil Hair Serum: We all love a good oil, and Jojoba Oil is top 2 (and it aint 2!) Sometimes I go a little overboard with this one, but at least my hair is moisturized, right?

Argan Oil Hair Serum: Okay curlfrieds, we must say, we love Argan Oil too. I mean, who doesn’t?! Moisturize and protect your hair with this serum, dedicated to curlies, coilies and tight textures.

  1. Microfiber Towel: Ladies, stop using your body towels for your hair!! (If you feel attacked, it’s okay. We all need a little extra push to get us going).

  1. Hair Clip: Remember when we were younger 

and used to clip these to or lips?! Well, I’m sure

It was created specifically to clip your hair, but 

Use at your own discretion *shrugs*

Whew chillllllle, this just gave me all the motivation to make wash day a little more enjoyable! Which products do you want to try, or have tried? Let us know on Instagram!

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