Storage Solutions Befit for Your Lustro Hair Extensions | Lustro Hair: 100% Remy & Virgin Extensions

Caring for good quality hair means more than cleansing and moisturizing your extensions; it also calls for proper storage. Below are four ways you can store your extensions so you can keep them looking (and feeling) fresh!

  • Every Lustro Hair purchase comes with a pink silk bag for you to keep your bundles safe and secure. Using this bag before installing your hair, or in between breaks from installations, allows your hair to maintain its soft, bouncy consistency. Who else do you know that has such a cute storage bag like ours?

  • If you’ve been keeping up with trends, you know that wig stands are an extraordinary way to store your wigs. Of course this method only works with extensions that are units. Wig stands keep the hair from tangling and make for an easy way to detangle your extensions.

  • Maybe you’ve misplaced your pink silk Lustro bag, or a wig stand just doesn’t fit into your budget. A hairnet is also perfect storage material for your luxurious extensions. Lightweight, breathable and inexpensive, these are the holy grail of all options, since extension storage started with these easy-to-use hairnets.

  • If you’ve gotten this far with searching for your perfect extensions, you’ve likely run into some pretty bad quality hair previously. Most of those extensions come in a plastic covering that protects the hair outside the hairnet. Due to the film in these plastic coverings, the hair stays silky and soft while it is in the casing. 

Now that you have some ideas to keep your extensions fresh, be sure to share these tips with your friends by clicking one of the links at the bottom right!

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