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We love a good protective style, but sometimes, they just don’t last as long as we want them to. For my naturals, I know how hard it is to do a braid or twist out, and the next day, your hair disappoints you because it didn’t come out right. Well sis, we’re giving you some quick tips on how to make your braids and twists last longer -- for naturals or protective styles!

For Naturals:

  • To get extra length with your twist outs, use a bobby pin and stretch your hair to the furthest point around your head. Secure with the pin
  • Try not to saturate your hair with products, this will only weigh it down, and may prevent it from drying
  • Doing your hair the night before is best, this way, it doesn’t dry out too quickly
  • When unbraiding/untwisting, have patience. Try to unravel your hair, rather than zooming through it
  • To get extra volume, use a wide-tooth comb and insert in your hair, slowly pull, about half an inch and repeat around your head. Be careful not to run your comb all the way through!
  • To get extra curls, or to moisturize them, use a mousse or oil and water, and re-curl with your finger
  • For a nightly routine, put your hair in two or four loose buns -- this helps to keep your curls in-tact and holds form
  • In the morning, repeat the above tips, and add a little moisturizer as needed

For Protective Styles:

  • Add oils sparingly 
  • For baby hairs, try not to pull too much hair out of the from the from of your hair, this way your braids/twists will stay fresher, longer
  • If you work out often, try using dry shampoo to return natural luster 
  • Wrap the front of your head with a silk scarf, and use a bonnet to wrap the rest of your braids/twists, ensuring they are all covered
  • For flyaways, use mousse or hair decoration (filigrees, string) to accessorize
  • Try not to keep your braids up past two months!
  • Get your crown touched up once a month, or as needed 
  • When lounging, still be sure to wear at least a silk scarf to cover the front of your hair -- keep those edges intact, sis! 
  • Cover your hair in extreme weather -- especially rain, but also snow, and wind 

We hope these tips help you out! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to learn more about protective styles!

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