Dyeing Your Human Hair Extensions/Wig: Watercolor Method - A Lustro ‘Hair To’ | Lustro Hair’s 100% Virgin & Remy Hair Extensions

Look around and you’ll notice that color is in; it’s everywhere! In fact, virtually every color of the rainbow is bound to appear on someone’s head. From fluorescent green to bright orange, consumers and stylists alike are experimenting with their hair and showing off bold colors and shades. Today, let’s break down how to dye a human hair wigwatercolor style!

Materials needed:

  • Lustro Hair extensions of your choice (blonde typically holds brighter colors better)
  • 1 bucket of water (about two gallons)
  • 1-2 boxes of hair dye (Creme of Nature and Adore are good brands)
  • Whisking utensil
  • Gloves
  • Towel for drying hair after dyeing

Step-by-step process of dyeing hair:

  1. Bring water to a light boil, then let it sit for about 10 minutes (or until the water is lukewarm); remove from heat and add to a heat-safe container
  2. Take your box of hair dye and add the dye to the developer
  3. Follow the instructions on the hair dye box when it comes to blending time
  4. Pour the dye mixture into the heat-safe container and mix with your whisking utensil until the water is the color of the hair dye
  5. Put your gloves onit can get messy!
  6. Take your Lustro Hair extensions and submerge them in the dye mixture
  7. Allow your extensions to sit in the mixture for about 25 minutes
  8. Once your timer goes off, check the hair to ensure it’s the color you are looking for — (if you’re looking for a deeper color, repeat steps 2-7; if not, move to step 9)
  9. Once your hair extensions are the color you want them, drain the excess water off with your hand and allow them to dry on a towel
  10. When dry, install them and fall in love with your new, colorful look!

Additional tips: 

  • Ensure that you have a clear space when preparing to dye your extensions
  • If having a stylist install, be sure to dye the extensions a couple days prior to your appointment to avoid mishaps
  • Buy an extra box of hair dye, just in case!
  • If dyeing bundles, keep them intact for easier dyeing
  • Ensure the hair dye is completely mixed in for an even color

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